Following the success of last year's away day, we decided to do a repeat performance this year so on Sunday, 28th February we returned to the beautiful Old Mill Centre in Skeeby. 

We were thrilled that Alex and Catherine could join us again to lead the sessions and this year they were joined by Sarah whose job it was to get us looking comfortable with some choreographed moves!  As this is something that doesn't come easy to many of us anyone undertaking this task needs to be made of strong stuff but fortunately, Sarah is used to teaching a choir of 50+ infant aged children at 8am on a Monday morning so she was vary capable of rising to the challenge!   
We arrived at 9.30am for what proved to be a very enjoyable, fun (and very tiring!) day armed with our music, lunch boxes and enough cake to feed an army (well we are the Military WAGS Choir!).  Our first session was spent looking at one of the songs we have been learning this term 'Joyful, Joyful' and trying to get to grips with some of the more difficult sections before moving on to a new song that also called for us to add in some groovy moves!  Despite some initial reservations 'Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree'  was a big hit with the ladies as it it was great fun to learn and is definitely one that sticks in your head long after you've finished singing it!  

After lunch our voices were given a short break as Alex, Cat and Sarah perform together in a group called 'The Darlings' so we let the professional's show us how it's done.  They treated us to a performance of two of their songs which left us all in awe but determined to live up to their standards! The rest of the day saw us recapping 'My Life is in Your Hands' that we learnt at last year's away day and looking at a 'mash-up' of two well known songs that has been put together by our very talented Musical Director, Carol, before learning the Karaoke favourite 'I Will Survive', which is so hard to sing in parts when we all know the tune so well!   

We finished the day with an informal performance of the songs we had been learning to our family and friends by which time we were all rather hoarse and very tired but everyone agreed that it had been a fantastic day yet again!  Here's looking forward to next year's!  

From L-R:  Sarah, Cat & Alex

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The Military WAGS Choir Catterick was formed in April 2010 just as 19 Brigade was about to embark on a six-month tour to Afghanistan at the height of the war.

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