This month, we meet one of our newer WAGS, Joy Bennet, who joined us in October 2015 but has slotted in to the Alto section like she has been here for years! 

How long have you been a military wife?
We are newly weds, married on 31.07.2015, we were renting a very small (and expensive) flat in Leeds as a temporary accommodation before getting the house in Catterick. 

How long have you a)  been in the Garrison and b)  Been in the WAGS
We moved to Catterick in September and the week after I came to the new members night on the 1st October 2015!

What made you join the WAGS?
I love singing and used to sing a lot but in the past few years I did not have the opportunity to sing.   Joining the WAGS gave me this as well as meeting lovely people and getting a bit if a social life. 

What difference do you think the WAGS has made to your life?
As new to Catterick and the British Army life, I had no clue of anything or anyone. The Welfare Office were nice enough but as I work long hours I can't go to meetings and functions, So the WAGS was my way to join the Military Family, meet other woman who are in a similar situation and to sing on top of that! 

Had you sung in choirs before? 
I used to sing a lot a few years ago, I was also part of a woman's group for many years and also sung Opera. 

What's been your favourite moment so far with the choir?
It's hard to pick one favourite moment as I have enjoyed every moment with the choir so far. 

What song do you like singing the most? 
As I joined just a few months ago, the choir were focussing on the Xmas repertoire and just a few 'signature' songs, so I do like most of what we sing but I personally like the more 'classical' music.  There's a new song that Carol introduced one day and to my surprise it was in my own native language which is Hebrew, so obviously I have a personal feeling to that song ;-) and feel a bit strange singing in Hebrew with the choir.
Would you recommend joining a choir to other ladies?
I would definitely recommend the choir to every one! It's the most loveliest collection of people that come together to socialise and sing, what can be better?

What do your family think of you being in the choir? 
My family think it's wonderful that I sing with the WAGS especially as they had hoped I'd go back to singing. 

If the choir could sing with any major artist, who would you choose?
As I'm more Classically inclined my list of famous people who I would love us to sing with would not be very known but are huge in their world like: John Eliot Gardiner (conductor) or maybe Andrea Bocelli will be a good idea. 


Joy (rear left with camouflage santa hat) with some of her fellow WAGS and Brett (our accompanist) 

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