Patron – Lady Lavinia Grimshaw

Lady Lavinia has taught English overseas and foreign languages at home; in the past decade she was much involved in the Royal Academy of Arts – a charity which receives no public funding – giving her a valuable insight into how hard it is to survive as a charity whether big or small. She has decades of experience of fundraising for diverse smaller charities, such as young people’s music scholarships at the R.A.M and S.A.S. (Success after Strokes). She said she trusted her expertise would benefit the choir and her input contribute to its ongoing success.

"I am proud to support WAGS and feel hugely honoured to be a patron," Lady Lavinia said. "Ever since my first job in social services, which was next to an army barracks, I have been aware of the dynamics of army life and the separations it causes between families and loved ones. WAGS has already achieved so much. I admire the WAGS choir as a focus of the community. It gives a sense of release to all involved, reducing the strain of separation."

"I am also happy to support (choir Chairperson) Dr. Sarah Gillespie, whom I have known for many years and would follow to the end of the earth."

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The Military WAGS Choir Catterick was formed in April 2010 just as 19 Brigade was about to embark on a six-month tour to Afghanistan at the height of the war.

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